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Today I was able to vote in the European Elections in Spain for a Spanish MEP, although denied the opportunity to vote in the UK elections due to the 15 year rule.  I was reminded of our lack of vote and voice in the Referendum on our membership of the European Union in 2016, despite promises from UK government and the continual support the EU Parliament for a fair franchise for all EU citizens in general elections and referendums. With the possibility of a referendum to confirm the terms of Brexit it is still vital to continue the campaign to ensure our disenfranchisement can not happen again. I am once again posting my poem 'DISENFRANCHISED' to keep saying in all possible ways that justice needs to be done, we need a legal, informed referendum with a fair franchise for all UKcitizens, regardless of their country of residence and EU citizens long term resident in UK.  This beautiful image taken by Chris Knight of the moon over our valley illustrates how bless


Whilst my mind is on this afternoon's election meeting my eye is drawn to the mountain I have spent so many years helping to protect. This view is the symbol of our village, so many of us love and respect the beauty of our surroundings, I feel honoured to have played a small part in its story.  Here is a short poem, written as the wind howls up the valley and the cloud tops the mountain.  WHIPPING CLOUD Wind whipping, clothes dancing a fandango, fighting pegs to fly free over the roof tops, whistling through chimney pots, whoosh singing round the valley as clouds puff and pour over the ‘Carrescal’ like bubbling froth steaming from a witch’s brew. © 2019 Jacqueline Knight Cotterill.  All rights reserved.  


I am heartened by the number of people sharing their beautiful photographs of bluebell woods and spreading the love of nature. As I am 1,400 miles away from my favourite woods I can only enjoy these glimpses of their beauty and dream of bluebells.  DREAMING BLUE I dream of bluebells; released in sleep from restraint of time and place, I wander free, my copse a composite of woodlands flashed before me, snapped and ether shared, bluebells to be sure the robin of flowers, secure in the awe of all who walk the swaying seas, dazzled by their beauty, a cloak of violet blue spread under trees shading green, blue like the deepening sky as the sun’s embers sliver gold, light gilding the horizon.    © 2019 Jacqueline Knight Cotterill.  All rights reserved.